1 Month Later…

Hey guys. Apologies for disappearing, but I have a valid reason this time! I was busy with work, and then I went on holiday in July for a couple weeks with the boyf and his fam, which was big nice, and also BIG hot. I’ll post some pics in another blog post soon as I […]

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Musical Monday – 18

Hey guyssss, I’ve been struggling a lot with music recently because I’m fed up of my playlist but can’t seem to find the time to look for new artists, as daft as that probably sounds. I get like this sometimes. It’s usually linked to general, overall boredom, which seeps in and makes me bored of […]

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The Brontë House

Last week, the boyf and I went on a little day out in Haworth, which is where the Brontë family lived. If you’re not familiar with the Brontë family, they are famous because the three sisters, Charlotte, Emily Jane, and Anne, wrote novels in the 1800s which are now considered to be classic literature (at […]

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Tuneful Tuesday…? (MM 17)

  Hi guuuuuysssss. So, I’m a day late with this week’s Musical Monday (whoopsie). I’ve been pretty busy with work and trying to better myself this past week, but I plan to write a couple other posts this week, so hopefully that will make up for the inactivity. Anywaaaayyy This week’s recommendation iiiiiissss: Every Other […]

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Musical Monday – 16

Yo yo yo. Not gonna lie, am feeling really really shit today. Pretty bad depression spike, which is why this post is fairly late today. Struggling to even think of a song to recommend, which is daft because there’s so much music in the world. I’m also listening to an audiobook right now, so my […]

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Bettering Myself

I’m very good at writing lists of things I need to do to improve myself and my life, but then not actually doing anything on the list. BuT iT’s GoNnA wOrK tHiS tImE!11!!1 (she said, foolishly). Still, I’m going to keep trying to battle this depression whether I think it’s futile or not, so I […]

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Musical Monday – 15

I bring to you a spicy new band on this fine Musical Monday. Push Baby, formerly ‘Rixton,’ are a relatively new band (if, of course, you don’t count the time they spent as Rixton, which I do not, as it was totally different. I should know – I went to a Rixton concert many moons […]

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A Trip to the Theatre

Hello hello. First off, I’d just like to acknowledge the fact that it’s been a few days since my last post. I don’t intend to stick to a schedule with my posts – at least, not for the time being. I find it’s better to write when I feel like writing, or have something to […]

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Sims 4 Sucker

There’s a sale on Sims 4 packs at the moment, so I stupidly splurged and bought a load since I’ve been eagerly anticipating a sale. I’m happy I’ve got new stuff to play with! However… I wanted to talk a little about my thoughts on EA as a company nowadays, and how I feel about […]

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Musical Monday – 14

OoooOOoooooOOoooo, it’s back (with a brand new track). I need to have a read through my previous Musical Monday posts so I don’t accidentally recommend a song I’ve already mentioned, but at least you’ll know it’s an absolute bop and a half if I do recommend it twice. I’m biased, of course, but everyone is […]

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